Our Story

Cqyrie and Taydra Fahie-Isooto

Na-YU Cosmetics is the brainchild of House of Isooto LLC. which was founded by a newly wed couple, Cqyrie (Kyrie) & Taydra Fahie-Isooto. In an attempt to surprise Tay with her favorite hair products, Cqyrie observed what products she would use and noticed that her selection was extremely limited. One day he asked her why and she expressed dissatisfaction with several products she tried in the past. Luckily, they shared an admiration for afrohair  which soon led to them making their own natural hair products for Tay to use.

Under her brand, “NapturallyCoily”, Tay (who has been natural since 2016) helps others embrace their crown through vlogs & blogs. She created the NapturallyCoily Group to make it even easier to assist persons who have questions.

After using the shampoo and conditioner bars, Tay was impressed with how her hair felt at the end of wash day. The Isootos continued gaining a plethora of knowledge about hair - especially afrohair. After casually sharing their satisfaction with the products, persons asked to try them out and give honest reviews. Seeing this as a catalyst for improvement, The Isootos agreed. After receiving impressive feedback...

It is time to introduce Na-YU Cosmetics to the world.

Our Vision

Our Mission

Evolve into an internationally renowned health and beauty company known for consistently encouraging the embracement of the best that nature has to offer.

Na-YU Cosmetics by House of Isooto, LLC. is devoted to creating and delivering exceptional products and services that showcase the benefits of natural ingredients as well as to providing education on valuable health and beauty practices.