Benefits of Plantain for Natural Hair

Our Sweet Plantain Leave-in Conditioner is a multi-use source of essential nutrients & vitamins, which work in unison to nurture your hair by promoting strong, healthy strands. It is the perfect pre-styling product as it is great for detangling & moisturizing as it softens and smooths your hair while increasing shine and elasticity.

Now we know what you're thinking, "Plantain? Yes! For your hair? Uhm?" Well Yes, naturalistas/os. There are uses for plantain other than consuming it. We're well aware of how great it tastes and its nutritious benefits for our body, so we decided to explore what it does for your hair. Plantain has a multitude of benefits that can help you to achieve your hair goals.

Here are 4 benefits:

1. Great source of Vitamin E - Plantains are rich in Vitamin E which is great for our scalp as it contains anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties that help to soothe scalp issues and promote blood circulation to the scalp. These issues include dandruff, an itchy scalp and/or flakey scalp.

2. Moisturizes the Hair - Plantains contain a high level of natural emollients. These help to penetrate the hair shaft so that it can be absorbed. The emollients also provide your kinks, curls and/or coils with much-needed moisture so that they can thrive. This means that your hairstyles will last much longer as this helps with combatting frizz.

3. Aids in Detangling - Once your curls have absorbed the minerals and vitamins from the plantain they tend to become soft and supple. This makes it far easier for you to remove any knots and tangles in your hair which usually prevent length retention. It saves you time and energy as detangling your hair can definitely be time consuming. Did we mention that you will have a knot-free wash and go or twist out? Hooray to that!

4. Strengthens the hair - Plantains are also rich in Vitamin C which we know is great for the body in general. But for the hair? It encourages follicle cell repair thus keeping hair healthy. This promotes the growth of strong, nourished strands that will not break or tangle easily. It also provides extra protection during the manipulation of the hair via various means.

With all the benefits of plantains, plantain herb and other beneficial ingredients, we formulated our Sweet Plantain Leave-in Conditioner. No need to spend a vast amount of time on your kitchen/bathroom counter trying to figure out a DIY. This leave-in boasts vitamins and minerals your scalp and hair will be grateful for. It is also priced affordably so you don’t have to break the bank to show love to your curls and coils.

How to use:

Section your hair into 4 or more sections and apply an ample amount to each section using the praying hands' method. Style as desired and voila!

One way to use our Sweet Plantain Leave-In Conditioner:

After Wash Routine (LCO - low porosity hair) (LOC - high porosity hair):

  • Liquid – The “L” in the LCO method represents liquid. When incorporating our Sweet Plantain Leave-In in this routine we suggest using water in a spray bottle for this step.

  • Cream – The “C” in the LCO method stands for cream. We recommend using our Sweet Plantain Leave-In conditioner as your "cream". In the LOC method, the cream comes last, but in the LCO method, it comes second.

  • Oil – The “O” in the LCO method stands for oil. For this step, apply a small amount of our Herbal Infused Hair Oil to your hair.

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