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Tango Gestion 8.6 Full




i have installed it now the only problem im having is that when i installed it it make it so that it shuts off my pc instead of locking the screen after a period of time allowisk: oh lol allowisk: /etc/rc.local is an example of a user-specific rc file hewhomust: any advice? and there is /etc/profile reisio: thanks I'll read them reisio, I cannot do this with lsof -i -n -P, I have to firstly remove my wireless usb and reboot... it won't let me do this on a running system.. so no work around hewhomust: Thanks akSeya, can you mount it manually? Heello Hello* sharda, I have no clue.. if I knew that then I wouldn't need your help in the first place.. how do I mount it manually? akSeya: I don't remember what it is, but try a general "lsof" well, it doesnt shut off, it freezes.. What do I need to install to have a working tabbed window? the laptop lid isnt fully closed I cant move my mouse or keyboad I can get to ctr+alt+del or lscrk tango: Please don't flood; use to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation. tango: what happens if you hit ctrl+alt+f1?




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Tango Gestion 8.6 Full

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